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Stated Income Mortgage Loans


   RSA Funding is the best choice for nationwide stated income mortgage loans.These loans are for commercial or residential investment property only. As a perfect choice for business owners and property investors, these loans offer many advantages over traditional bank loans.

One such reason that stated income mortgage loans are an advantage is that they can be closed much more quickly than than a bank loan.


This is because they require much less paperwork than your typical investor loan. No tax returns are required, which speeds up the underwriting process tremendously. Because of the

quick underwrite these transactions can generally be closed in two to three weeks. Another advantage is that the loan to values can be as high as 80% so they are perfect for an investor looking

to purchase property with a minimal cash outlay. Loans are available for many different property types including one to four family investment. Commercial property types include

5+ units multi family, office, retail, warehouse, and self storage, to name a few. Terms usually range from 3 to 10 years with a 25 to 30 year amortization schedule. While interest rates are not

on the level of conventional bank loans these stated income mortgage loans have rates that are much less than a typical bridge or hard money loan. For more information on stated income

mortgage loans contact RSA Funding at 855-475-FUND (3863) or email [email protected].


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